Bit of Progress


Hi there!  My name is Annie and I am a compulsive overeater.

And today, I am nearly ecstatic!

I can’t say I felt that way when I woke up this morning.  At meeting last night, we began talking about Step Four, making a “fearless and searching moral inventory”.  It just sounds painful!  And going through the questions in the book that are meant to guide me along the path to my inventory made it even worse.   There were a lot of questions in there that I know I do not want to face the answers to.  To be totally honest, I am scared half to death to do this step.

While I am still nervous about starting it, I feel a bit better about life in general right now.  First, I had a check up with my doctor this morning.  My blood pressure is still high, high enough that he added another medication to help control it.  He also seemed concerned about my weight.  I have lost three pounds since my last visit with him, but I am still 27 pounds over what I was before I had the hysterectomy in June.  My doctor thinks that could be a hormonal thing.  He thinks that my hormones are so confused that they are causing me to retain water.  So he is also putting me on a water pill.  I am really hoping that will help me to get some of this off.

But that isn’t what has me flying to high right now!!  This afternoon, I was given some clothes.  The pants are a size smaller than what I normally wear.  But I thought it was a nice gesture and I accepted the clothes anyway.  After all, the woman handing them to me could see what size they were.  I so did not want to tell her they are a bit small.  It is just not something that I want others to know.  When I got home, I thought I’d go ahead and try on the pants anyway.  If they fit, I’d be surprised.  Pleased, but surprised.  If not, I figured I could just put them in the bag for charity.

Guess what?  THEY FIT!!!!

Well, three of the four pair did anyway.  The fourth one doesn’t have much stretch to it and though I can pull them up, I cannot zip them.  Two of the other pair have elastic waists.  One fits almost perfectly and the other is a tiny bit snug.  Not uncomfortably snug, but a bit snug.  The last pair of them has a zipper and—this is the part that has me flying so high right now!—not only can I zip and button them, I can also MOVE while they are zipped!  OK, they are a bit tight around the hips.  When I wear them, I will probably wear them with a baggy top so that no one can tell how tight they look!  But they fit!  That walking with Betsey is working. 

Now if that isn’t enough to keep me motivated to walk I don’t know what is!


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