Big Step



My name is Annie. I am a compulsive over-eater

And recently I took a big step. I am not sure yet if this step will help with my food addiction and my compulsion to eat, but I do now it will help in combating my weight problem.

Last week, I talked to my primary care physician about gastric band surgery. Actually, I did more than just talk to him about it. I asked for a referral to a bariatric clinic.

My husband is concerned about this choice. We saw a news report on ABC a week or so ago about the gastric band. The report said that 90% of patients have complications from the surgery and that 30% of those go on to have it reversed. My hubby wonders if the risks might be too high.

I love him for being concerned. It seems, though, that all his is looking at is the surgical risks. I am not sure if he is considering the health risks of me staying the way that I am.

I weigh over 400 pounds. My blood pressure is high enough that I am on daily medication to regulate it. My heart feels like it working overtime every time I walk up a flight of stairs. At one point, I was told that the left side of my heart is larger than the right. When it was discovered, it was not enough of a problem that my doctor thought anything should be done about it. It has been two years since that was discovered, though. I can only imagine that the problem has grown since then. Losing weight would be good for both my blood pressure and my heart.

I don’t think a surgery will solve all of my problems. I am not that naive. I know that I still need to examine the reasons behind my eating issues, and that if I don’t address those issues no surgery or diet is going to change anything. But I know this surgery will help me to get something under control.


About madfatlady

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I remember. It has now ballooned to over 400 pounds. I don't like that. At the same time, I don't know what to do about it. I am mad at myself about this weight gain. I am mad at the world for allowing the fod to be so readily available and relatively inexpensive, while diet and exercise programs are so costly.

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